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Annie Lush been racing full time on the Olympic circuit since 2002 and also competes on the World Match Race Tour

Place of Birth: Poole, Dorset
Previous VOR: 0

Favourite food and drink: Cheesecake I used to ask for it every year as my birthday cake from my mum)! Drink has to be Early Grey Tea, am British after all!

If you weren't a sailor, what would you be?Umm I'l let you know in 2 years!?!
Prize possession: Yellow VW Beetle - Daffy
Favourite quote/saying: I couldn't get famous so I went ahead without it - basically saying you are going to do something even if you don't get a lot of recognition for it.
Greatest sporting moment in your life to date: The Boat race - or the Olympics
What do you miss most when you are at sea: Fresh fruit and vegetables, being able to do things easily like going to the toilet and for it not to be really hard-going. Just really basic things - could everything just stop moving for a second!
Which woman do you most admire/respect? Shirley Robertson, double Olympic champion in sailing has been an inspiration throughout my career, particularly how professional she is, way ahead of a lot of others at the time.
Why do you like sailing/racing? - Many reasons. Mostly that you never stop learning, everyday is different, there are always new challenges. But it's the competition I love the most, especially when you're working in a big team and it all comes together. You go out there and you just know that you're more practiced, more organised and gel more than anyone else out there.

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