The Highs and Lows

After 17days, 20hours, 59minutes and 8 seconds Team SCA crossed the line to finish on May 7, 2015 to complete Leg 6 into Newport, Rhode Island. “We finally arrived at a sociable hour, which has not been our strong point in the past!,” commented Skipper Sam Davies as they arrived on the dock. It was a leg of highs and lows; it was a strong start for team, they were competitive, racing hard with the top half of the fleet, as they stayed in the top three for much of the first week of this Leg.

“For me that first week was important, we hadn’t really done that before, we were going really fast, we had good tactics and good speed, it felt like we were the pace boat at times. I guess it’s hard for people to see that massive difference in our performance since we started the race, but compared to our performance on the first legs, we’re at least 20% better,” Annie Lush.


5, 010 NM

But as conditions changed the challenges that had impacted performance in the past legs when sailing at angles and in certain modes came back to haunt the crew. “In the upwind and close reaching in light or strong winds on the masthead and J1 we have pace. In more wind downwind conditions we are getting there. But reaching in strong and light winds seems to be our obstacle. We have tried everything we can to get that 0.3knot of speed. In this close racing, when you lose 20-30-40 miles you are in different winds and that is where the real damage happens. In the end these are the consequences,” commented Carolijn Brouwer.

But there are many positives to take from the leg. “We feel that this is the best leg we have sailed so far, we spent a week fighting with the leaders and that was the longest time we have had with the front group, it even felt at times as they were working hard to keep up on occasion. It feels great to arrive thanks to everyone in Newport for the amazing welcome, and to all our fans for their support over this Leg”.


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