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Day 2 – Lands End

It’s a drift off out here.  The sea stretches before us like a sheet of glass, it’s smooth surface disturbed only by hungry seagulls diving for their morning snack.  The code zero’s flying from the masts of our competitors lift and then fall as each zephyr of wind teases, then retreats.

But we are making progress, very slow progress towards Lands End.  It’s green point seems like an illusion in front of us, it’s just there around our bow, but it’s been just there all morning. (As my watch partner pointed out, slightly dismayed when he returned on deck to discover we were pretty much where he’d left us four hours before).  However the good news is that whilst we’ve not travelled far since sun rise, we’ve made significantly better progress than the boats around us.  We opted for a more inshore route, hoping to reap the benefits of the tide turning to our advantage earlier inshore, and also to catch the highly anticipated sea breeze.

It was a tense moment in the early hours of this morning when we watched the whole fleet gybe away from us to head offshore.  But right now it looks like our decision to split from the fleet has paid off.  The bright red geometric design on the Volvo 70, Camper’s mainsail is shrinking from view behind us, as are the distinctive shapes of the Open 60’s.  The big question now is will we need to tack to get around Lands End?  If we do then this could put us behind our more offshore competitors, who will have a better angle to get around the land.  Or will we find the sea breeze first, giving us the extra boat speed we need to make it around first?

All will be revealed in the next hour as we creep towards that elusive point.

Annie x


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