Care and respect for people and nature are absolutely central to SCA´s way of working. This is the lens we use to view the world – from the big picture right down to the finer points of harvesting a forest, testing a new innovation or designing a new diaper. It means that we constantly challenge ourselves to deliver solutions that make a difference to everyday life. And we have found that you can achieve a lot when living our values of respect, excellence and responsibility.

SCA Care of life is our brand promise and represents our uniqueness and what we stand for. It conveys how our products and services enable us to make a difference for people, nature and society:

Care of life. Because our products make life easier for you and for millions of people around the world. Because our resources and the way we work are natural parts of the global lifecycle. And because we care.”

Find out more about how Care of life has come to be:

>> Learn about our Mission, Vision and Core Values at SCA.

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