SCA was founded in Sweden in 1929 through a merger of ten Swedish forest operations. But our history dates back several hundred years before that, as the oldest of those operations was established as early as 1673.

From these roots, SCA has grown to include 44000 employees worldwide, operating in about 60 countries. Our products and services are made available in about 100 countries, proudly featured under 80 strong consumer and customer brands.

On account of our origins in the Swedish forest, sustainability and care for the natural resource lifecycle has become deeply embedded in our heritage, from seed to plant – pulp to paper. We take care of nature. Because of our global journey, we have also come to include care of people in both our operations and in our brand identity. Our hygiene operations currently comprise 83 % of our business, which gives care of people an increasingly prominent role for us as a company.

But our journey is still ongoing. With a rising global population, increased life expectancy, greater number of elderly citizens and a higher standard of living; we see that our products and services will keep on assisting an even larger base of consumers and customers to live their lives to the fullest for a long time to come.

Would you care to find out in greater depth how a Swedish forest company could come to serve people in over 100 countries over the world with essentials for everyday life?

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