DOB Jul 25, 1973
Languages English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Spanish & German
Nationality Dutch
Place of Birth Leiden, Netherlands

Carolijn Brouwer is an accomplished multihull and Olympic sailor having competed in the Sydney, Athens and Beijing Games.

My high point? Winning Leg 8 from Lisbon to Lorient, My low point? Losing Manus Olsson. I think this race has made me a more complete person, this time it was a different race for me compared to 12 years ago I have a son now, I have a family, I have a lot more responsibilities. Sometimes different priorities and finding the balance in that wasn’t easy it was a challenge. But I think I did ok,  I think I did pretty well, I think altogether I’ve learnt a from it and it’s made me a more complete person.

Carolijn Brouwer image
Carolijn Brouwer imageCarolijn Brouwer image


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