DOB Jan 23, 1973
Nationality British

She is the only woman to have sailed solo around the world in both directions (east about and west about)

It’s really hard to narrow down to one, so I’m going to have to pick two! My first one was the InPort race win in Auckland we were in the city of sails, New Zealand is notoriously quite a macho place.  There are a lot of sailors that know what they’re talking about and we won fair and square on the water we made a very proud coach in Brad Jackson,  who was proud to wear his magenta. The other big turning point for me was the Leg win into Lorient which re-wrote history for women’s offshore sailing and women’s sailing in the Volvo Ocean Race it had such a huge impact in such a wider spectrum that to be part of that is a proud moment.

Dee Caffari image
Dee Caffari imageDee Caffari image

"Would I do this race again? In a heartbeat, ask me today, tomorrow and I will still say yes"


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