DOB Jul 10, 1980
Languages English
Nationality United States
Place of Birth Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Sally has been on and off the Olympic circuit for the past 10 years and has also been involved in several other offshore races.

“My high point was definitely winning Leg 8, I think it was a culmination of everything e put together, making really good decision on the water, working really well as a team staying ahead and pushing the boat to a place where we were comfortable but we were faster than the other teams.  It was a chance to be ahead of some of the best sailors in the world so yeah I think it was a pretty proud moment for us. I think this race has really opened my eyes to ocean sailing and what that means, before we started this we had really no idea or concept of what it meant to race out on the ocean.  I think i have a little bit more patience for the team and whole atmosphere of what we created here and hopefully we can carry that on and continue with what we’ve done.”

Sally Barkow image
Sally Barkow imageSally Barkow image

"It was a chance to be ahead of some of the best sailors in the world"


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